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How a Company Name Search in Canada Can Improve Lead Generation for Recruitment

As a corporate recruiter, your value is dictated by the strength of your client list. While you might have a portfolio of candidates lining up to avail your services, they will soon seek out more effective hiring channels if you’re unable to connect them to suitable open positions. With the unemployment rate at its lowest level in a decade and organizations in every industry struggling to fill critical skill shortages, you simply can’t afford to lose your best talent to the competition. Of course, developing leads in this crowded environment is no easy task, and that’s why our company name search in Canada is such a vital asset to your agency.

At Scott’s Data we’ve compiled a comprehensive Canada company directory that provides business profiles and contact details for key decision-makers at some of the country’s biggest organizations. From finance to telecommunications, public services and IT, this exhaustive database serves as a ready-made list for your lead generation efforts. Here are some highly effective strategies you can employ to build your client list as quickly as possible.

Cold Calling

Once you have your Canada industrial company directory in hand, it’s time to pick up the phone and start talking to hiring managers. While this process can be daunting and at-times humiliating, it’s an absolutely essential step for building client relationships. Although many companies will already have recruitment teams in place, if you can demonstrate a good grasp of the organization and the realities of their market, then you should be able to create a few leads at least.

Again, our database will be extremely helpful in these circumstances as you’ll be able to conduct in-depth research on the client’s website and social media accounts to identify their specific hiring needs. Remember your job here isn’t to sell your services. It’s to position yourself as the ideal solution to the company’s talent shortages.

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